It’s all about perfect timing. There’s a move of God coming greater than any we have yet seen—it was to be held back and reserved until the right time. I hear the Lord saying, “Now it is time.

Learn how an unlocking has just occurred, and why the things that are beginning to break loose in Montana are not just for the state of Montana, but beyond!

Here’s what the end of Cindy Jacob’s book, The Reformation Manifesto, says:

God is watching… He understands costly grace and wants us His children to be just like Him… We must answer yes in our generation, not only for ourselves but for our children and those who will come after them. They are counting on us, and we must not fail.[1]

As kingdom saints we all have a piece and a part to play, as together we propel the movement and purposes of God forward through our faithful obedience. “Lord, thank You that what’s stirring in the air is starting to move beyond the mountain of the Lord’s house and is for all people who are walking in His purposes, and want to pursue Him.” Amen.


[1] Jacobs, C. (2008). The Reformation Manifesto. Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House, pg. 214.



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