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Full Circle

by Diane Lake

FULL CIRCLE by Diane Lake

Diane’s book, “Full Circle:  Coming into the Fullness of Christ,” is an invitation to the spiritually hungry and thirsty to enter deeper levels of intimacy with the Father.  Its pages take readers on a journey to discover both individual fulfillment in Christ, and a more complete understanding of God’s plan for these last days and how He purposes to use His saints in those plans.

Pastor Karin L. Heggen calls it, “well-written, easy to read, and full of hope and inspiration.”

One woman said the book made her want to “grab ahold of God” and made her realize how much more of God there is to know.

After reading the book, one man realized he had a call from God to run for (national) political office and is now preparing his campaign; others have said they were unable to put the book down once they started reading it.

Diane’s second book, “The Signal from God,” is available now.  In it, receive revelation concerning the glorious and victorious Bride of Christ who will arise, and the signs of God which will accompany this.

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Please take a moment to read pages 13-17 of  Chapter 1, Kingdom Economics 101.


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