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The Signal From God


With foreword by Jane Hamon

What will cause Christ to be released from heaven that He might return as appointed by God?  Are we simply waiting for the predetermined day and hour to arrive, or has God ordained the Church, Christ’s Bride, to intercede, become and complete specific things before He can return?  In this book, learn how you can participate in God’s marvelous plans to bring His Kingdom to earth through His Church, as we make his return possible by pushing back the gates of hell, manifesting His power, and possessing nations for the glory of God.  We are a chosen generation, discover your place in God’s amazing plans by learning to interpret the signs of the times.

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“Diane Lake will inspire the reader to look and listen for the different ways God may be attempting to speak to you, and illuminate how to properly position yourself as change agents to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.”

Dr. Jane Hamon, Apostle, Vision Church at Christian International

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