I have so enjoyed reading the words for the year that have come forth. Many intriguing themes are being repeated—like victory, comeback, new levels, favor and rest. There’s a heightened measure of excitement and anticipation in my spirit for the year that I can’t remember feeling before.

One thing I do with the prophetic words is to ask the Lord to show me how to apprehend them—both personally, as well as for ministry. Proverbs 29:18 (MSG) says:

“If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; but when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.”

It’s important to pray and declare the words and corresponding scriptures over you, but I ask the Lord to show me how to apply them as well (Ps. 25:14).

I awakened one night recently as if hearing a conversation. It started with, “Now we’re going to talk about the prophetic words and what’s God heart” (in them). The Lord revealed a level of His heart to me for applying these words, both as individuals and for the Nation.

A Covenant Renewed

As I wrote in my word for the year, reconstitution—or the reestablishment of covenant—has been paramount to the new levels of glory and the prophetic being released. The Lord keeps bringing me back to Exodus 34, which is absolutely amazing in what it reveals.

To paraphrase, the Israelites had screwed up. You know the story—they got impatient for Moses to come down from the mountain and made the golden calf. Moses became so angry that the stone tablets were broken—a sign of “broken” covenant, for sure (chapter 32).

But then! In chapter 34 we see the heart of the Father. He told Moses to go back up the mountain—there was going to be a second chance, a redo. The Lord’s voice spoke from the cloud, and said:

“Behold, I make a covenant. Before all your people I will do marvels such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation; and all the people among whom you are shall see the work of the Lord. For it is an awesome thing that I will do with you. (v. 10)

A covenant renewed. A redo. A comeback—only better than before!

Comeback, Throwback, and Rest

Personal Comeback

Initially I puzzled over aspects of personal application of comeback. What about those who have never experienced things like success, health, riches or fame? Or those who consider their past well left behind (good riddance!)? What would they come back to or for?

Here’s some of what the Lord showed me. I heard Him say He’s going to “even the score,” and “wipe clean the slate.” That this will be a time of comeback, a return to the height of popularity. I’ve heard Him speak of the “comeback trail” and “playing catch-up.” In other words, the Lord wants you to make up the ground that has been lost.

He showed me that for some, it’ll be like a return to the “glory days” of high school. That other people who once had money but lost it will make a comeback. And that we will see people who have wandered, including prodigals, coming home!

For some, 2016 was a hard year and you’ve labored so hard in prayer. But much like the pregnant woman’s joy at her baby’s birth, we’re entering a season to redeem things.

The Lord, of course, is our true Redeemer, but we can be redeemers, too… in the sense of giving people another chance—and ourselves another chance. Sometimes we’re our own worst critics—the Lord wants you to give yourself another chance—a comeback, a redo!

National Comeback

On a national level one of the strategies revealed is, to “make America great again.” It’s as if the process now teases us—how can we see this realized?

The context, I believe, is that of sheep and goat nations. (See Matt. 25:31-34.) Nations, much like individuals, have destinies and roles. (Think of how the twelve tribes of Israel each had different assignments.) One role the United States has at this time is as a protector of other nations. I saw a vision of a dude in the shadows dressed all in black with a gun. It was not a bad guy, but rather, a good guy—like a secret service agent or something. Then the Lord said that He’s staging a comeback for America as a protector.

Before the turning of a nation there must be awakening—I prophesy an awakening to you! Many in the prophetic, including myself, have been prophesying, “dry bones live” everywhere. (See Ezek. 37:9-10.) That’s a powerful passage!

Awakening, or a time of revival, brings extra favor for those who have allowed God to position themthey have increased favor in the land. (Positioning is not complicated. It requires obedience, faithfulness, and complete dependence on the Lord.) “Now is the time of increased favor,” says the Lord!

Nehemiah is such a powerful example of this. He saw something that wasn’t there yet—a wall rebuilt. Because of this, the hand of the Lord was mightily upon him to accomplish his vision. I encourage you to read the book of Nehemiah—in it you will see favor, victory in the midst of warfare, and awakening! (See especially 2:5-8, 4:16-18, 6:15, 8:1-12.)


It’s been unusually cold and snowy in Montana this year. As a fifth generation Montanan and lifelong resident, I’ve found myself saying, “It’s like a real Montana winter.” Long time residents remember how it used to be “back in the day.”

The natural realm often reflects the spiritual. We’ve entered a time of “throwback;” things from “back in the day” will be restored! Listen to thisHe’s going to go back through bloodlines, rewriting history, and redeem things like generationally inherited diseases—bringing people into health and wholeness, only better than generations before!


I love how the Lord sometimes has me do certain things before I write about them. Early in January I took a week off, having heard repeatedly that I could use a rest, or “sabbatical.” The number seven is associated with rest, as many of this year’s prophetic words highlighted.

As we’re entering a season of rest, it’s important to listen for how the Lord might have you rest. I’ve heard the rest will be like a chiropractic adjustment, snapping us more fully into position!

Victory Has A Taste!

And finally, concerning victory—on a night I received a significant download for my word for the year, I heard the Lord say that I’d had an interesting night—it had tasted like seven’s. Initially I believed this had something to do with the multiple dimensions of the spiritual realm.

Then recently I heard the Lord say, “Victory has a taste!” Lord, let it be that in this coming year, Your beloved and faithful servants experience the sweet taste of victorythe Shekinah glory coming through!

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