Ordained and licensed ministers with Christian International Apostolic Network and Generals International.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring the will of heaven down to earth, using Holy Spirit inspired methods to impart to believers God’s desire to establish His kingdom beyond the established walls of the traditional church. We desire to see the saints instilled with a firm sense of their purpose within God’s plan for our generation, and to be inspired to passionately pursue yet deeper levels of intimacy with their Lord and Savior.

Our mission is to see every believer equipped to confidently minister within their sphere of influence—not just for the purpose of evangelism—but for the transformation of the established systems of man (systems such as government, business, education, arts/entertainment, media, religion and family) into institutions of God’s righteousness. We believe God is calling His people to rise in this day to unprecedented levels of power and influence for the increase of His government. (See Isa. 9:6-7.)

Our methods include ministering “church” in nontraditional locations, service (and encouraging others to serve) in secular leadership positions, writing articles, publishing books and teaching materials, utilizing teaching and speaking opportunities, ministering to groups and individuals, counseling, leading prayer initiatives and gatherings, and networking and connecting pastors, churches and ministry leaders with business and secular leaders.