Ordained and licensed ministers with Christian International Apostolic Network and Generals International.


Allen and Diane Lake are licensed and ordained ministers with both Christian International Apostolic Network (led by Bishop Bill Hamon) and Generals International (led by Mike and Cindy Jacobs). They served as Associate Pastors of Way of Life Church in Missoula, MT for three years, and have served as co-founders and ministers with Starfire Ministries since 2008. They currently serve as Church Mountain, Regional, and Montana Coordinators for the Reformation Prayer Network, and as Media Mountain Leader/Facilitators for Christian International’s emerging 7MKI Network.

Diane is a gifted prophetic writer, teacher and minister, and Al carries both a pastoral and business anointing. Both are involved as leaders and co-laborers with area pastors and ministry leaders, as well as within the marketplace and educational sectors. Diane holds a B.A. in Christian Studies, and both are anointed as teachers of God’s heart and His Word.

In a sense pioneers, they have been led by God to pastor beyond defined walls of the traditional church, and expect to continue to receive vision and definition for the ministry—as truly, “we have not been this way before.”